STAT Nursing Consultants, Inc. began as Dr. Susan Poorman's individual private practice. It has expanded to a group of master's and doctorly prepared psychiatric nurses. For the past 35 years STAT Nursing Consultants have been helping nursing students and graduates decrease their anxiety and enhance their thinking skills on tests.

Specifically we help students who are at-risk of failing in nursing school and graduates who have failed the NCLEX. Our proven cognitive and behavioral techniques can also be taught to improve any nursing student or graduate's test scores.

We also conduct faculty workshops on test construction, evaluation of test scores and helping the at-risk student achieve academic and NCLEX success.



Susan G. Poorman, PhD, RN, CNS-BC, ANEF

Karen L. Molcan, PhD, RN, CNS, BC

Melissa L. Mastorovich, DNP, RN, BC