STAT Nursing Consultants, Inc's Workshops :




STAT Nursing Consultants, Inc.’s unique 3 day program for RN candidates and 2 day program for LPN candidates offers a different approach to NCLEX preparation. Over the past 35 years of preparing graduates to take the NCLEX we have learned several things:

- Graduates often miss questions due to thinking and reasoning errors not knowledge deficit.

- Practicing questions enhances problem solving.

- Cognitive, behavioral and test taking strategies can enhance test scores.

- Developing confidence can increase critical thinking and problem solving.

- NCLEX preparation does not need to be expensive.


Unique Qualities Of This Course

- Material is presented in an interactive manner instead of straight lecture format.

- Active participation is promoted through the use of questioning and gaming.

- Nursing concepts are reviewed with a focus on the transfer to practice through presentation and practice of sample NCLEX questions.

- Graduates are helped to assess testing strengths and weaknesses.

- Cognitive and behavioral techniques to reduce test anxiety are discussed as components of successful preparation.

- All participants are assisted in developing an individualized plan of preparation for the NCLEX.

Tuition for these programs is less than $200.00 and includes a copy of our latest Good Thinking text for either the LPN or RN candidate.

which contains over 1,000 sample practice questions.

If you have questions or would like more information about scheduling a workshop please contact us..